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  Financial Aspect
Our company considers the financial management as a vital administration. Financial plan will be established in advance for 3 years and 5 years terms with the annual auditing according to the company's growth as well as the overview economy of the country. Throughout the past almost 36 years, we always take pride in our punctuality of debt repayment to both local creditors: bank & financial institutes and the overseas manufacturers. 
  Marketing Aspect
Our company firmly and sincerely determine to fulfill both "the before sales" by the sales department and "the after sales" by the service department of our excellent service policy. We strictly adhere to the principle of "take and give" by allocating some portions of our budget and return to our clients, particularly the organizations, associations as well as the group of person due to the company, presently, is not in the position to give back to each individual. Nevertheless, we still believe that our reputation and creditability will be acceptable by our clients.
  Social and Country Contribution

In addition to our main duty and responsibility to help create the job for our staffs as well as making profit to our shareholder. At the same time, we have realized that we should share some responsibility to contribute back to the social and country. In the past 36 years we have complied along with this policy as following

  1. Products selection for distribution

Our Policy in selection products for selling is not only concerning solely profit to the company but the product itself should also yield benefit back to the social and country in one way or another. Our product ranges cover and help develop in the field of Science / Medical / Industry. Some products group also help environment and eliminate the air pollution. Most importantly, it will effect the health and quality of life of people in Science, Medical doctor and staff as well as these work in the Industry

  1. Budget allocation for donation to social and country

For over 20 years since the establishment, we have continually allocated budget every year for education purpose as well as other social activities as followed

    1. We have been allocating budget for monthly allowance to 2 children in 2 orphanage houses ; one in Saraburi province, another in Nakornnayok province for over 20 years
    2. We have been granting the scholarships to 5 faculties in 5 state Universities during for over 20 years
    3. We have been renovating Buddhism by giving a feast to Buddhist monks and also donating money to build the temple and monks residences at Wat Chong Lom, our nearby temple, in every company establishment celebration
    4. In every company establishment celebration, we have been donating money and belongings to Children home welfare
    5. In company establishment celebration, we have been donating money and belongings to Thai Disable Development Foundation, Baan Mahamek foundation, Department of Social Development and Welfare


We exactly pay attention to the contribution to social and country. And if it is possible, we will try hard to operate this business for secure and progress in order to increasing money allocation.


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