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  Our Service Policy  
    One of our company's main policies is to provide the service to support our sales activity. However, we do not expect to earn the profit from our service department.
    We consider the service as a vital factor to the success and growth of the company. We do believe that to have the good service at the proper time is necessary in ensuring that the instruments / equipment will work correctly, safely and effectively. To achieve this goal, we have sent our service staffs to the principals & suppliers for training to improve our service capability and to make sure that we provide our clients with the best service.
  Our Service Capability 
    We can provide our clients with the full range services. Our capability covers variety kind of services as follows:
    - Installation : This is the free service for the clients purchasing our instruments / equipment.
    - Repair / Maintenance : Our service staffs are ready to repair and maintain all our instruments / equipments if those have problem of the performance.
    - Extent Warranty : For your alternative, we have an extent warranty service for your instruments / equipments. After the contract has been signed, and your instruments / equipments are out of order within the warranty period, we will provide you with all spare parts and service without additional charge. For this type of service, you have the expense that we charge a total once per year. However, it has an advantage that you will know and being able to control the annual cost of the repair or maintenance of your instruments / equipments. For more information, please contact us at service@sciencetech.th.com
    - Maintenance Contract : For some instruments / equipment, it is necessary to have the proper maintenance on the regular basis to ensure that they are still functioning correctly, safely and effectively, if you are interested in this kind of contract, please contact us at service@sciencetech.th.com
    - Special Service for Fume Hood and Safety Cabinet : This special kind of service is to verify whether your Fume Hood or Safety Cabinet is still working properly and safely or not, for example:
** Control and alarm system verification
** DOP test
    For more information, please contact us at service@sciencetech.th.com  
  Contact Our Service Division 
    If you have any problems regarding the performance of our instruments / equipments or you have any suggestion / comment, please don't hesitate to contact us at mail to:service@sciencetech.th.com
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