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  The importer and exclusive distributors of worldwide products covering the field of Med.
Science, Scientific, Industrial Instruments, Equipment as well as Test Kit and Reagent.
      Analyzers for medical science  
Medica Corp., USA.
  Electrolyte Analyzer and Automate Clinical Chemistry
Analox Instruments, Ltd., England.
  Glucose, Lactate, Alcohol, Ammonia, etc.
      Analyzers for scientific and industrial labs  
Unity Scientific, USA.
  Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrophotometer
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA.
  pH, ISE, Conductivity, DO Meter
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA.
  Automatic Titrator
SEAL (Bran+Luebbe) GmbH, Germany.
  AutoAnalyzer 3 The latest version of the most successful continuous flow analyser ever made
Opsis LiquidLINE,Sweden.
  OPSIS LiquidLINE offers instruments and products for the most common applications in the laboratory, from feed, food, beverages.
ProAnalytics ., USA. Prospect (NIR In-Line)
  ProAnalytics ., USA Prospect (NIR In-Line)
      Automatic washer / Disinfector  
BHT Hygienetechnik, Germany.
  Automatic Washer/Cleaner/Dryer/ Disinfectant Machine
LTE Scientific Ltd., England.
  Autoclave ,Incubator ,Oven ,Freeze Dryer
      Scientific refrigerator for specimen, drug, heat sensitive meterial, etc  
Fiocchetti, Italy
  Refrigerator 4 ํc, -30 ํc, -40 ํc, -70 ํc and -80 ํc and BOD Incubator
      The system and instruments for industrial production line ; The instruments equipment and system for the designation of clean room  
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA.
  Monitor Boiler&Turbine and Drinking, Pure, Cooling&Waste Water Ex. Sodium, Ammonia, pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Chloride, Fluoride, Chlorine Monitor&Oxygen Scavenger
Airflow Systems Inc., USA.
  Dust, Fume, Mist, Oil, Toxic Substances
      Clean, steriled facilities and building the removal of pollutants, contaminants toxic substance and carcinogen  
AFS Ducted Air Unit
  Design : Sterile Area / Room & Air Locked Room
      Bio Safety class I, II, III ; Fume hood / Source Capture / Scientific air cleaner  
Module/Device/Collector/ Cleaner/Purifier
  Module/Device/Collector/ Cleaner/Purifier
Source Capture
  Source Capture
Recirculating Fume Hood & Biosafety Cabinet Air Science .,UK
  BioSafety Cabinet Class I, II, III และ Cytotoxic Cabinet
Clean Air and containment facilities (CAS., England.)
  Clean Air and containment facilities for hospital.
Clean Air and containment facilities (CAS., England.)
  Clean Air and containment facilities for hospital.
      Liquid handling equipments and glassware  
Fortuna (Poulten&Graf GmbH) Germany.
Volac (Poulten & Graf Ltd.), England
  Automatic Pipette Fixed and Variable volume
Fortuna Glassware
USP Glassware
  USP(United States Pharmacopoeia)
      Lyophilizer or freeze dryer  
      Electronic Balance , Moisture Balance  
Adam Equipment, England.
  Balances and Scales
Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd, UK.
      BI and CI for steam&gas sterilizer / Wireless datalogger  
MESA Labs, USA (Raven)
  (BI) B.stearothermophilus/subtilis/pumilus and (CI) Stream, Gas and Gamma Ray Sterilizer
Mesa Labs, USA.
  Monitoring your manufacturing process or equipment requires flexibility (Wireless datalogger)
Marathon Products, Inc., USA
  Marathon Products, Inc., USA
      Reagent & Reagent kit  
Immulab, Australia.
  Blood Grouping, RAM, Coombs, Reagent
Orion Diagnostica, Finland.
  H.pylori reagent, Rotavirus Dip Slide


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