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Aidian Oy (Orion Diagnostica), Finland.
  Protein Analyzer, Test kit (H. pylori, Rotavirus, etc.), Bacteria Dip Slide
Air Science, USA.
  Air Science, USA.
Airflow Systems Inc., USA.
  Scientific, Medical, Industrial, Office & Home Air Cleaner, Source Capture For Machine Tools & CNC
Analox Instruments, Ltd., England.
  Glucose, Lactate, Ammonia, Alcohol, etc. Analyzer
Avantor, USA.
  Avantor, USA.
CAS, England.
  Clean Air and containment facilities for hospital.
Fiocchetti, Italy.
  Refrigerator, Freezer, Deep Freezer, Incubator
Hamilton Laboratory Glass, UK.
  Hamilton Laboratory Glass, UK.
Immulab Pty Ltd, Australia .
  Blood Bank Antisera
Istek, Korea.
  Istek, Korea.
LTE Scientific Ltd., England.
  Autoclave Microprocessor system
Maeko Food Waste Composting, Malaysia.
  Maeko Food Waste Composting, Malaysia
Marathon Products, Inc. USA.
  Datalogger Temparature,Humidity,Co2 and pH in Room / Logistic with Alarm (SMS/Email)
Medica Corp., USA.
  Electrolyte Analyzer
Mesa Labs (DataTrace), USA.
  Monitoring your manufacturing process or equipment requires flexibility (Wireless data logger)
Mesa Labs (Raven Lab),USA.
  Chemical & Biological Indicators (BI), for Sterility & Steam/Gas Sterilizer Monitoring
Montrose Technologies Inc, Canada.
  Montrose Technologies Inc, Canada.
Opsis LiquidLINE, Sweden.
  OPSIS LiquidLINE offers instruments and products for the most common applications in the laboratory, from feed, food, beverages.
Poulten & Graf (Fortuna), Germany.
  Dispensers, Laboratory Glassware
Poulten & Graf (Volac), England.
  Automatic Pipette, Liquid Handling, Laboratory Glassware
SYSTEA S.p.A. , Italy.
  SYSTEA S.p.A.Italy.
Timestrip Ltd., UK.
  Timestrip Ltd., UK
Unity Scientific, Inc., USA.
  NIR Spectrophotometer
Vertisa Medical Waste Technology, Turkey.
  Vertisa Medical Waste Technology, Turkey
Whirl - Pak, USA.
  Whirl - Pak, USA.
X-O Odor Neutralizer & removal, USA.
  X-O Odor Neutralizer & removal, USA.


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